EST. 2007

These legislation purpose are to create, revise, or add to an assisting law under your State
to help better protect victims and survivors under Victim's Rights or any other law to benefit
the protection of adults and children from Domestic Violence.

For: Under Victims Rights,/ The Drop Off Protection Law

For Victims abuser’s that are convicted and found guilty of Domestic Violence/Assault or proof of a
ongoing history of abuse, that are the abuser of victims child/ children’s parent, married or not. That
the victim is granted rights to no direct, in direct or 3rd party contact with abuser for there child/
children’s drop off visitation rights for the other parent/abuser visitation’s with child/ children. Victims
are not held responsible for financial 3rd party commercial/ or public organization drop off for the
victims rights of there safety from there child/ children’s parent the abuser. The abuser of
the child/ children’s parent is held responsible for all financial commercial/ public organization 3rd
party drop off for the safeness of the victims rights to Domestic Violence till child/ children are the
age of 18 years old.

Why this is important,

-It brings up Domestic Violence Awareness,

-This law will make the difference in Domestic Violence Awareness. This will help save many victims
being abused again and more likely save there lives knowing there not going to be forced to put
them self’s in any kind of contact with there abuser once they escaped. More victims will put an End
to Domestic Violence knowing there protected when they get out. From being forced for any kind of
contact during visitation drop off’s.  

-It makes the abuser think twice before abusing there spouse knowing if found guilty and convicted of
Domestic Violence/ Assault of abusing there spouse or child/children’s parent, that they will be forced
to financially pay for 3rd party drop off to continue visitation rights with there child/ children if granted
parenting visitation rights till the age of 18 of the child/ children,

-It help’s put an End to Domestic Violence and help’s break the cycle of violence by keeping the
abuser from having any contact with the victim of the child, children’s parent. There for abuser can’t
use there child/ children to get to the victim/ parent and abuse them again. This will keep the abuser
from having there victim getting pregnant over and over again to keep them from escaping from the
abusive relationship/ marriage, by having the victim think they cant escape because they have
children together and the victim will have to face the abuser again, if the abuser gets granted
visitation with there child/ children.

-Victims should not have to financially pay for there safeness from their abuser, when they already
pay and suffer enough emotionally and financially for any on going therapy for them self’s and their
children after victims comp ends for the abuse the other parent caused, along with any on going
medical treatment victim or child/ children have suffered from the abusive parent and along with
dealing with PTSD known as post traumatic stress disorder.

-Victims should not be victimized again because they have child/ children with or married to the
abusive parent. We need to step up and do more for victims rights and to help make it harder to
continue the cycle of Domestic Violence. Their needs to be more support for victims by helping
keeping the victims from not having an excuse to going back with the abuser because there was not
a strong enough law to help prevent abuser’s abusing the victims again. This law will help keep the
average victim going back to the abuser 7-9 times to limit it down to 1-3 times before the victim finally
leaves him. That will bring down the average times it takes to get away from the abuser and bring
down spousal abuse. Less children suffering from child endangerment and less children being
abusers or abused them self in their adult hood. By the influence in  the abusive family setting the
children grew up in.

-Helps keep kids from witnessing their parent being abused again from the abusive parent, and helps
prevent children getting harmed in the middle of their abusive parent abusing the children’s other

-Lets make it safe for victims to be able to escape and put an end to domestic violence with out
putting the fear back into them when they are forced to see them during visitation drop off’s in the
future. This law will make a huge difference on how many victims will escape knowing there protected
from the ( Drop Off  Protection Law) under victims rights.

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These legislation purpose are to create, revise, or add to an assisting law under your State
to help better protect victims and survivors under Victim's Rights or any other law to benefit
the protection of adults and children from Domestic Violence.

For: Under Victims Rights/ Children's Rights

For children with abusive parents that have proof of an on going history of abuse and felony
charges of domestic violence to the other parent or child/children them selves from the abusive
parent. The child/ children have the right to deny visitation rights to the abusive parent when they
feel threaten or scared for there safety with the abusive parent. Child/children has all rights at the
age of (10 ) ten years old to make that choice not to see or spend visitation time with the abusive

Why this is important:

-This makes the changes from age 13 to 10 years old for child/children that have abusive parents
and proof of on going history on domestic violence/ child abuse with in the home or out side the
home. To give child/children a voice if they feel threaten or abused from there abusive parent and
to be able to get away.

-It does not make sense why the state laws force kids to see there other parent when they have
been mentally, emotionally, physical, or sexual abused by the other parent or feel unsafe, threaten,
and scared in any way!

-When the abusive parent is held in a State Federal/ State Prison for assault felony on abuse to
child/ children or other parent to be victim to the abusive parent. There should be all good cause to
give child/children a much younger age to choose whats for there best interest of visitation Rights
when the abusive parent is out of Prison years down the road. Child/ children who feel threaten or
scared to see there abusive parent after years have gone by and have gone to concealing after
the after math of the abuse. Child/ children should not be force back into what they feel, which is
harms ways and corrupting all the months/ years out into concealing/ therapist in recovering.

-Children who spend time going to a therapist for abused caused from the other parent, and then
to be forced to spend one on one time when they are feeling scared or still being abused behind
doors from that abusive parent. Is not the best interest for the child/children.

-Child/ children by the age of 10 can make a decision to choose not to spend time with the other
parent that as been or is abusive or threaten to them any way and acknowledging the choices they
are making. They are cable of making a good decision making with out influence of either parent or
adult when it comes to abuse or feeling threaten or scared.

-When a parent choose to emotionally,mentally,physically or sexually abuse there children. They
choose to lose parental rights.

-Child/ children should not be treated as property when it comes to custody and visitation rights
with the other parent when there as been physical and sexual abuse.

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